Latest Trades (5 May 2022, part 2)

Since my last update, I have made the following trades. These trades were made on the same day as the trades in the last update. They were not included in the last update, as I did not expect to make any more intra-day trades for that day.

  1. Anglo American, position size $160k, profit $2.2k, intraday
  2. Antofagasta, position size $100k, profit $2.9k, intraday
  3. BHP PLC, position size $180k, profit $2.1k, intraday
  4. Boliden, position size $100k, profit $1.2k, intraday
  5. Glencore, position size $220k, profit $100, intraday
  6. Rio Tinto PLC. position size $180k, profit $1.6k, intraday

Below are the screenshots taken just before clearing the trades. Note that my actual realized profits were smaller than shown in the screenshots, as prices moved up while I was closing my trades. Do also note that I accidentally cleared a portion of my Antofagasta position before I took the screenshots, apologies!

These were bets against commodities via commodity-related stocks. I was fortunate enough to catch part of the general market sell-off for these trades. As before, my position sizes were not large because of the heightened market volatility.

Author: novaliser

I have been trading since 2012, and retired from the corporate world in Dec 2021 after accumulating enough profits to feel comfortable living without a stable monthly income.

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