Shorted Rio Tinto Intraday Again

I just shorted Rio Tinto intraday again.

Screenshot of mobile trading app showing Rio Tinto intraday short

Just a small position this time, about $300k. The position was accumulated via $20k transactions. I wanted to take a bigger position, but the price went down quickly before I could make enough trades. Taking into account trading fees, the profit was about $4.7k.

I typically do not trade intraday. My bigger profits in the past were from holding positions for at least a few days. However, I am adjusting my strategy during this period to hold for shorter periods and take intraday profits if possible, as things can change very quickly!

Author: novaliser

I have been trading since 2012, and retired from the corporate world in Dec 2021 after accumulating enough profits to feel comfortable living without a stable monthly income.

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